Space Force Donald Trump, 6


Trump's Space Force comic on Indiegogo!
Mos Eisley Cast heads

Are you ready to go where no President has gone before? Then check out Timothy Lim's Trump's Space Force book! This Indiegogo crowdfunded venture was pretty awesome and I helped contribute to its creation by constructing a special Space Force Adventure Trump action figure that was offered as a backer kit! The only one ever created, Space Force Trump was made using a Marvel Legends Starlord upper body, Blade lower legs, fodder hands, Moon base Dr Evil helmet, and a Trump headcast by Mos Eisley Castings. I was given promo art to work with and copied it as closely as I could using parts and pieces from my bins along with Apoxie Sculpt to tie it all together. One 'Starburst' rifle made from a Terminator gun later and he was finished! The base came from a Matrix real world Neo and the creepy alien tentacle in the back was an X-men brood tail and some Rathnar tentacles. One lucky Trump supporter owns this figure, so thank you for helping MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

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