Custom MotUC original Snakeman, Slitherneck!

"Knowledge is power and with enough power one can rule the Universe, this much Hordak is sure of. To obtain all the information he can about his enemies is a top priority! Enter Slitherneck, Hordak's top Snakeman spy. With the ability to peer into places secretly this foe gains all he can and reports back the strengths and weaknesses of his prey. Close the windows and guard the chimneys for Slitherneck is always looking for a way to watch what's going on!"

Here's a custom Masters of the Universe Classics original character, Slitherneck! One of the Snakemen he was created from a Hordak base, cast Snakeman head, Ssssssqueeze arm for his neck, modded He-man battle armor, Buzz-off upper legs and Mer-Man lower legs/arms. I hollowed out a channel through each torso piece and back allowing the ssssqueeze arm to slide up through and act as a tail when the neck wasn't extended. The head is magnetic allowing it to look around in any position when you bend the neck as well.

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