Custom Megaman-X boss SIGMA figure created in Marvel Legends BAF scale

Sigma has been a staple in the Mega Man X games but we never got a fully articulated version of him, just a statue. Well no longer! Here I've created a Build-A-Figure style Sigma to scale to your Marvel Legends and Megaman figma series using an Onslaught body, Thanos hands/bent, Mandroid lower legs, Magneto cape, and Loyal Subjects Sigma head. A Titanfall pilot backpack bast was used for his beam-saber and various chest/leg/designs were sculpted using Aves Studio's Apoxie Sculpt, the best two-part modeling compound out there. Fox Sports Robot pads were used for his shoulderpads, Deadman collar, Sigma 6 GI Joe spiked bangles, and lex luthor codpiece were used in his creation as well. Sigma was then airbrushed with metallics then shaded for a glossy, robotic look. Watch out Megaman, Sigma has arrived!

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