Custom Star Wars Black Series SHADOW GUARD action figure

Straight out of the Star Wars comics comes the Imperial Shadow Guard which I've created in 6" Black Series scale! The recipe is simple, one regular 6" red Royal Guard! Sure you could paint him black but I've gone a different route, dying him. For this you'll need Rit Dymore rather than the normal Rit dye you find in the grocery store. The Dymore works on polyester and nylon and is the only thing that will dye his soft plastic and red cloak black. You'll need to remove the paint from the front and back of his crotchplate and breast plate for a complete dye job. Everything else dyes black on the first soak.

Follow the directions for stovetop dying and make sure to put his cloak down in the pot first so the plastic never touches the hot metal of the pot bottom! Then create a lightsaber pike from his original force pike, add details like his visor and grey highlights. I also gave him an alternate cape like the Shadow Guard often has in the comics.

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