Custom Ry-Darr, Masters of the Universe Classics original character

"Speeding through the roads of Eternia comes Hordak's fastest henchman yet, the wheeled warrior Ry-Darr! Not content with Dragstor's speed, Hordak went about creating a cyborg warrior that could maneuver effortlessly though the battlefield while fighting He-Man's heroic forces. Ry-Darr was just what he expected and uses his stun-lance to render foes unconscious or slash away with his powerful arm blades. Watch out He-Man, fighting this cyborg will tire you out!"

Created as a buddy for Dragstor this custom Masters of the Universe Classics original character is called Ry-Darr. He was created from some sort of three-wheeled Batman robot, Extendar head, ML Sentinel shoulder pads, Redakai figure arms, Horde Trooper symbol, ML Mandroid blades, and other sculpted fodder parts. The center wheel rolls freely and you can attach a kickstand to keep him upright for poseing.

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