Custom Ram-Lord Masters of the Universe Classics action figure

"Long ago a powerful artifact was forged called the Ram Stone. This mystical relic was able to defeat any magical barrier and imbue its wielder with incredible strength. The Faceless One never told the Council of the Wise where he obtained the Ram Stone from...and now its true master has returned to claim it! Ram-Lord is a being not seen by Eternians for eons, powerful in his own right but unstoppable when charged with the Ram Stone's magic. He will stop at nothing to reclaim what was stolen from him and threatens all of Eternia with his destructive force!"

Another one of my original character creations, Ram-Lord was based off the Ram-Stone accessory that came with the Faceless One figure. Rammy was created using a Calix body, Doomsday baf head, tmnt Rocksteady hands, Parademon feet, and an overwatch mini helmet. I layered different greens and yellow shading to get a glowing effect and the Ram Stone magnetically attaches to his chest so it can be 'stolen' from him by your other figures! His weapons were Lightseeker video game accessories with smaller handles installed.

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