Custom Weapon Upgrade sets for Lanard/NECA Predator figures

here are weapon sets I created for the Lanard Predators (and NECA Predators) using Final Faction weapons. To do this a lot of prep and paint work was needed like removing the "Greenbrier made in China" raided logo off the top of the long rifle. Each piece had to have a post hole drilled, washed, primered with Dupliclor (or Bulldog) Adhesion promoter, base of black lacquer, then detailed with Turbo Dork metallics and sealed with MrHobby Premium sealer. I've created different sets such as dark silver, patina copper, and plan to do more!

If you want to own a set of these weapons (hopefully I have some left!) head on over to my *Ebay Auctions* this week to see if they're available.

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