Custom Predator weapons upgrade kit

The new Walmart exclusive Lanard 7" Predator figures are amazing figures especially for the price so I decided to give them some weaponry in order to take on the Alien hordes! The weapons were primered with Bulldog Adhesion promoter, given a base color of gloss black, then hand painted with TurboDork metallic paints. These paints are absolutely the BEST metallics I've ever used hands down and you can snag some Turbodork paints here if you'd like to try them out. The weapons were sealed with Mr Hobby premium sealer and I created a plasma caster blast effect that fits on to the shoulder cannon barrels of each of the three Lanard Predators. These weapons can also be used with NECA Predators, you'll just need to heat their hands up using a hairdryer as they're usually molded smaller to hold the battle staves.

Want to snag a set of weapons? If I have any you can find them HERE ON EBAY.

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