Custom Predator action figure done Masters of the Universe Classics style!

"Deep in the jungle on the hottest days on Eternia a savage predator stalks his prey. Even traveling into the cities this beast knows no barriers as it searches for worthy opponents in which to take trophies from. Fortunately He-Man and Man-at-Arms have detected the invisible hunter using the mystic powers of Grayskull and are in hot pursuit! Now the hunter becomes the hunted ending in a spectacular battle of steel, plasma fire, and brawn. Can this dangerous Predator be driven back? Who will win?!"

Everyone knows I'm a big fan of crossover lines so here's another, The Predator has arrived in the Masters of the Universe Classics, uh, universe! I created a Predator using a MotuC Saurod body, NECA predator head with modded mask, DC Multiverse Mutant Leader feet, ML Odin spear combo, and a bunch of Transformers fodder parts to make the Predators oversided weapons. The burning blade gauntlet and throwing disc magnetically attach to his limbs and his plasma cannon is fully poseable as well.

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