Custom Planterror, Masters of the Universe Classics figure

"Skeletor's laboratory has produced all sorts of deadly creatures but none so horrific as Planterror! Born from Eternian Flora that was corrupted with dark magic, Planterror can sense his prey through through the roots he sends out underground and even control their minds with his spores. One prick from his Vinelash whip causes paralysis and he can ensnare enemies with powerful vines if that wasn't enough! Man-At-Arms is still working on an antidote but for now only Roboto should be tasked with battle against Planterror."

Crazy characters are what Masters of the Universe is known for so here's one to add to your collection, Planterror! This potted pest was created from an Evil Seed body, Monster High plant collar, Nintendo Piranha plant pipes, Stratos lower legs, and a Demogorgon mouth. Everything came together perfectly to form this flowering foe and I airbrushed all sorts of highlights and shadows on for added detail.

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