Custom MotUC Nocturnus, the wise winged warrior!

"The heroic warrior Nocturnous is master of wisdom who is always ready to aid He-Man on his quest for knowledge. Guardian of the Sacred Egg, Nocturnous holds the secrets from generations of skilled brethren who served as Guardian before him. With keen eyesight and powerful talons that can shred through the strongest armor Skeletor will have a difficult time stealing any secrets from this avian warrior!"

This week I've whipped up a brand new original character for your Masters of the Universe Classics collection, introducing Nocturnus! This winged warrior of justice was created using the King Choobla body, customized Mer-Man head, Grizzlor lower calves, and Clawful boots/feet. Nocturnous' real wings are technically his arms while he wears modified Dactus armor with 200X articulated Stratos wings for flying.

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