Custom Masters of the Universe Classics NIGHTMARE HORDAK figure!

"Unsatisfied with the current effectiveness of the Fright Zone, Hordak immersed himself in ancient texts searching for a way to rouse even more fear from those who enter it. An ancient ritual from another dimension promised horrors beyond imagination but the pages describing the costs of performing such had been gnawed away by pests over the centuries. Hordak could wait no longer and began, summoning forth a gateway to the Nightmare Dimension! Its powers warped his body inside and out transforming Hordak into a monstrous winged creature. Now with the power to absorb the fears of others and alter himself and matter around him to mimic them, Hordak began to transform the Fright Zone into the Nightmare Realm!"

It's time for an all new original creation and boy this one is a doozy. Introducing Nightmare Hordak, the biggest Masters of the Universe Classics custom character I've made to date! He was created from a Toybiz ML Onslaught BAF body, 200X snake arms Skeletor, Ben 10 alien hands/spider legs, Hordak head, baf ML Annihilus wings, haloween bendy skeleton snake tail, and spawn bone fodder. Different airbrush and gloss effects were used on Hordak and he looks menacing when placed on his flight stand to lord over his minions or attack He-Man like the nightmare he is!

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