Custom Transformers Generations Metroplex with Scamper, Sixgun, Slammer!

This is the largest custom I've done so far, introducing a Generations 'G1' style Metroplex that comes with a new DELUXE SCALE Scamper, Sixgun, and Slammer! This is a huge figure and comes with multiple new attachments such as shoulder antenna, G1 red double barrel gun, twin knee turrets, 3rd party heel turrets, twin arm turrets, antenna, satellite dish, spire, 3 extra ramps, (one folding chest c-tainer ramp, two leg ramps) and of course his three bots. Metroplex transforms into a city mode and battle-carrier mode. City mode features a clip-on chest ramp that folds down and extends further and a clip on tower building-top to hide his hand. You can put the shoulder antenna, double guns, and other cannons just about anwyhere and there are two new 5mm ports located on his back for added placement. The small Optimus Prime is actually a magnetic 'key' that activates the eye and target lights! These magnetron LED units function separatly from the electronic light and sound which still work when you press his chest. Touch Prime to the top of Metro's head and the eyes turn on, touch again and they turn off!

Metroplex features a TON of paint work and Toyhax's label set. There's all sorts of blue windows, metallic sections, hubcaps, tiny yellow shoulder windows, decals (like the MasterMade 3rd party vers) and I think it's a good cross between the Takara and Hasbro Metro in my opinion. He has the 3rd party heel turrets which help him stand and unfold into standing or placement turrets. They don't really attach to anything but look cool sitting on top in battle carrier mode. Now for the bots! I created a deluxe scale Scamper that's also a headmaster! He has a removable roof gun and was created to look like the G1 version. Sixgun is basicsally the same as the retail version but has G1 colors, same with Slammer. Slammer's tower mode can be placed on the deck or my favorite way of display, fold Metro's left arm behind his back and plug Slammer's turret base into Metro's arm port. Sixgun can be disassembled for turret mode. I used Testors Aztek Airbrush, Metalizer, Tamiya lacquers (Tamiya spray Racing White is the color match for Metro's white) and Army painter washes followed by a sealer of Mr Hobby.

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