Custom 'Mega-Man' Masters of the Universe Classics Rockman figure!

"He's an powerful warrior and all of Eternia is grateful he's on the side of good! The dauntless Mega-Man charges his Mega-blaster and readies himself for the battle against Skeletor's minions, but will this part machine, part man emerge victorious? Always willing to help his friends, Mega-Man fights alongside He-Man and proves his mettle in battle. Watch out, this Reploid has his sights on ridding Eternia of trouble!"

Here's something you never thought you'd see, it's Megaman! But he's in Masters of the Universe Classics form this time. The Blue Bomber was created from a Skeletor body, Sauron chest armor, DC Direct Cyborg lower arms/legs, modded Mol-Larr head, Darius Helmet, and some fodder parts for energy effects and detail. This custom 'Mega-Man' was then given an airbrushed metallic blue paint job and detailed up with battle damage to show he's been fighting the forces of evil on Eternia!

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