Custom Master-Mine, Masters of the Universe Classics figure

""One man knows the treasures of Subternia better than anyone, drilling tunnels that lead to the richest deposits of ore and rare gems. Master-Mine was once a simple miner leading an expedition when a tunnel collapsed, injuring him. Near death and without the use of his legs, Master-Mine was able to activate the mysterious technology within the chamber he had discovered, melding with it and becoming a tunneling tempest! Now able to traverse all of Subternia, Master-Mine findsTerra-Bull and Terra-Star battling it out for control of the Crystal Core!"

Here's another original character creation for your Masters of the Universe Classics collection, Master-Mine! He was created from a Multiverse Rookie robot upper body, Mastermind robot hands, Sy-Klone head, Dragstor lower body, Hydron waist, Multi-bot tread feet, and an Incredibles Underminer Drill dio. A lightseekers saw axe was refitted as a mining tool and his lower body detatches to combine with the Punch Drill weapon! An old Iron Man blast effect combined with a Saint Seiya cloth standing effect allows Master-Mine to stand in drill-body form. I used all sorts of airbrushed effects, shading, along with weathering, dirty scuffing/iron/rust effects to give him that "I've been tunneling underground all day" look.

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