Custom Man-A-Blaze, Masters of the Universe Classics figure

"A brave member of the Fire Marshall Brigade, Man-A-Blaze was always seeking new techniques to extinguish and ultimately control fire. He crafted a special fireproof suit that allowed him to walk unscathed through any inferno. Deciding to test its limits Man-A-Blaze lowered himself into one of Eternia's active volcanoes. While the suit protected him from the heat he disturbed an ancient evil that possessed him. Now Man-A-Blaze must remain in the containment suit as he seeks a way to expel the essence that turns him into a blazing effigy when flame is near!"

Here's an original character creation for the Masters of the Universe Classics line, Man-A-Blaze! Firefighter turned flaming fiend, Man-A-Blaze was created from a ML BAF Arnim Zola torso, MoTUC Icarius arms, Geldor lower legs, Karatti hands, Man-E-Faces head with alt inner head, Sauron waist armor, and Rio-Blast thigh armor. Inside his chest is a motion sensor that pulses when tapped so you can see the flames behind the glass. You can also switch his face from hero to skeletal effigy, to blank if you want an empty firesuit for your Grayskull armor collection.

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