Custom Lanard Toys 7" Predator figures and weapons!

The new 7" Lanard Toys Predator figures are perfectly in scale with Marvel Legends, they just need a little paint and some tweaks! Here I took one of the clear Jungle Hunter Predators and created a box-art version. The figure breaks down easily by popping the pegs out and doesn't even need to be heated up for this, tho you will need to heat the ball joints. Hunter was primed with Duplicolor adhesion promoter, painted with acrylic paints, then sealed with Mr Hobby Premium sealer. I copied the colors and skin design from the box art while still maintaining the Kenner-esq feel to the figure. Elbow, knee, and ankle joints were also modified for more range of motion and the dreds split in two sections to allow the head to tilt towards the shoulder cannon. One custom harpoon-spear later and he was ready for his photoshoot!

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