Custom DETECTIVE KUNG FURY MotUC Action figure!

"Listen dude, dying sucks. Like seriously. And when Detective Kung Fury was mowed down by the Kung Fuhrer's machine gun he experienced it firsthand. His astral form was whisked off to a far away realm of...why none other than Eternia! Some call it Heaven but really, it's Eternia. Revived by Hackerman just in time to defeat Hitler, Kung Fury figured he had seen the last of that strange realm with its talking snakes and air sleds...until he was struck by lighting and bitten by a bodybuilder a few nights later! Now with the power to warp between worlds Kung Fury uses his mastery of Kung Fu to beat up evil and talk to snakes! Without being dead this time!"

Straight from that crazy 80's ninja cop movie Kung Fury comes the lead character, uh, Kung Fury! If you haven't already seen this insane masterpiece of over the top action and explosive fun go watch it on Netflix and spend 31 minutes of your life wondering how this film was even created. Kung Fury was created using a DCU Dark Knight Mutant leader body, Dark Knight Joker upper arms/jacket/hands, Superman Doomed forearms, WWE John Cena shoes, ML Phoenix waist scarf for his bandana, MotUC Icarius head, and Aves Studio's Apoxie Sculpted sections/hair/detail. He comes with a katana and pistol to aid him in defending Miami or Eternia from evil!

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