Custom KNIGHTRAX, Masters of the Universe Classics action figure!

"Little is known about the robotic villain Knightrax except that he excels in hunting his prey with deadly precision. With all sorts of sensors to detect movement, changes in temperature, magical aura, and more, this fearsome hunter cannot be shaken off a trail once he, or it is locked on. With his laser sights set on Roboto for his next hunt, Knightrax holds a special grudge against the hero after a humiliating defeat earlier. Now equipped with a powerful shoulder cannon and seismic hammer, Knightrax swears to Hordak that he will not return without Roboto's metal head in his claws!"

Here's an original character creation, Horde Hunter Knightrax! Part machine, part hunter and all deadly, he's ready to track down the heroes for Hordak and exact his revenge. Knightrax was created from a General Sundar body, Darius vest, Funko Pop Mini Assaultron head, doc ock tentacle claws, and various fodder pieces. His shoulder cannon can be removed and he comes with a seismic hammer he can wield in his claws to defeat his enemies.

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