Custom Kir Kanos Royal Guard, Star Wars the Black series figure

Straight out of the amazing Crimson Empire comic com,es the Imperial Royal Guard Kir Kanos and he's been created in the 6" Star Wars Black series this time! Being one of if not my all time favorite SW character I was thrilled to learn the basic Royal Guard had armor sculpted under the robes! Kir Kanos was created using that Royal Guard, First Order Stormtrooper lower arms, and an alternate head created by combining a first series ML Star Lord head with young Peter Parker hair and some sculpting. Hit Girl's twin bladed staff was modded to create his vibro-staff and his helmet took extensive resculpting to remove the collar and get it to sit lower. But after detailing his armor and adding his black undersuit Kir Kanos was finished, and boy and I pleased. Next week, Carnor Jax will join him so keep an eye out.

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