Custom Judge Dredd Marvel Legends action figure (movie/comic)

In Mega City there's only one law, his. Roaming the streets and dispensing justice to criminals large and small comes the brutal Judge Dredd, this time in Marvel Legends form. Here you get a Dredd done 2016-movie style with muted colors and the black padded uniform. Want more of a comic version? The gold comic armor magnetically attaches for an instant appearance change! Judge Dredd was created using a movie Electro torso, movie Cap lower torso, Marvel Now cap arms, Gotg2 Starlord boots, and Winter Soldier Feet/belt. His head is the Legendary Comic Book Heroes Conan head with the LCBH Dredd helmet modded to fit. LCBH Dredd armor was modded to magnetically attach as does his Lawgiver sidearm to his hip. Who's the law? HE'S THE LAW!

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