Custom MotUC Irradious figure, atomic Horde terror!

"Many have ventured into Hordak's lair in an attempt to defeat the evil ruler but none have ever been successful. Most have suffered terrible fates, one such forgotton hero was captured and experimented on. Bombarded with the radioactive rays from the same machinery that helped create Dragstor, Irradious was born! This atomic powered evildoer can generate searing beams of destruction from his eyes or focus powerful blasts through his weapon. Watch out He-Man, Irradious is ready to charge into battle and burn down any who stand in his way!"

Ready for more custom Masters of the Universe Classics characters? Here's a brand new original character creation, Irradious! This nuclear powered nuisance was created from a Spirit of Grayskull MotUC glowing body, Sssssqueeze boots, Batman forearms, a Braniac/Darkseid kitbashed headsculpt with glowing eye ports, and Slush head armor. Under a black light he fluoresces bright and it charges his glow! allics specifically for a dual blue/green faded look with bone highlights.

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