Custom MotUC Multi-armed Horde Trooper action figure!

"Modulok always said four arms are better than two and Hordak took that to heart when he created his newest robot, the Horde Multi-Trooper! Equipped with a lighting fast computer brain this trooper can battle multiple opponents or focus down on one unlucky victim with deadly precision. The Horde Multi-Trooper has been programmed for both melee and ranged combat, able to wield four edged weapons or four blasters for incredible firepower on the battlefield. This trooper is truly an army of one!"

It's time for another Masters of the Universe Classics character, this time my take on a brand new type of Horde Trooper. This four armed Multi-Trooper was created from a basic Trooper and two extra arms from Flogg who shares the same arm sculpt. The lower torso/ab hinge becomes the pivot point for the new arms, you just carve out sockets in there and replace the ab peg with the pegs from the shoulders. I gave the trooper a new eye/face sculpt and decked him out in a red and gold scheme. Now he can wield four weapons at once!

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