Custom MotUC Horde Aqua Trooper and Slime Trooper figure set!

"The basic Horde Trooper whether a robotic minion or a magical suit of armor, well they can't quite get every job done. Sure they can invade a kingdom and fight on a battlefield but Hordak wanted more. He wanted utility in his legions, something new to throw at She-Ra and He-Man. Enter the specialized Horde Troopers! The Aqua Trooper is able to survive crushing depths and uses powerful sonar blasts to locate and incapacitate its enemies. The Slime Trooper is resistant to all acidic compounds and can slather the enemy in a mind-controlling ooze. With these new Troopers all of Eternia was sure to fall to Hordak's grasp!"

Ready to add to your Horde Trooper army? Here's a set of brand new unique Horde Troopers to help take on She-Ra and He-Man's heroic forces! They were made from basic Horde Troopers, the Aqua Trooper using the head from General Sundar's pack with added tubing, Hydron flippers, and sculpt. The Slime Trooper uses a Mr Freeze backpack, sculpt and fodder for the breather mask, and shoulder armor from a Flashpoint Cyborg.

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