Custom MOTUC Castle Grayskull 'Space Armor' action figure

"Deep within Castle Grayskull lies an ancient suit of armor passed down from generation to generation dating back to the oldest of Eternians. A gift from the first galactic traveler to arrive, this powerful armor can withstand the perils of space travel and protect its wearer from even the most severe of physical damage. But for now it sits as a relic, still charging and upgrading its systems should the need arise for He-Man to make a galactic trip."

MOTUC Classics customs are back and here I bring you a redesigned Castle Grayskull Armor. Originally a cardboard cutout in the vintage, then upgraded to a static accessory in the Classics castle, I've gone one step further and made it into an actual figure! The armor was created from a Flogg body, funko Doom marine head, Man-E-Faces feet, and all sorts of fodder parts that I was able to attach. The armor comes with a laser rifle and magnetic knife that attaches on to its leg, staying true to the cutout. I also created two Galactic Stratos and Galactic Zodak heads so you can remove the helmet head to display those, or anyone else you want to make it appear is wearing the armor.

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