Custom MotUC Distractus with Figit Spinner shield!

"When Castle Grayskull was suddenly surrounded by a massive army of mindless goblins controlled my Skeletor's Dementia Ray, King Randor knew he had to send for He-Man's help or be overrun! What he needed a distraction, something that would draw the horde to one area of the castle walls allowing a single guard to escape. Commissioning Man-At-Arms to create a golem from scrap parts and using Orko's magic to animate it, Distractus was born! This clanking, whirring, blinking, spinning, creation made its way out into battle and drew the goblin horde's attention. Remarkably it survived and aided He-Man in defeating the army. Distractus was later repaired by Roboto and earned its place as a member of the Eternain Royal Guard."

Enter Distractus, an original custom character creation! With a working Fidget Spinner shield and cube for head he's the most gimicky MOTU figure out there. Distractus was created from a Darius body, Extendor arm, Transformers battlers arm, Mr Freeze foot, Doomed Superman leg, Galactic Skeletor body cover, and a whole bunch of fodder wires, parts, and pieces. The Fidget shield magnetically attaches to his left arm and can be removed, same as his head to be used separately.

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