Custom Star Wars Black series Darth Vader, Battlefield Commander 6" scale figure!

The rebels fear his name. The galaxy bows before him. He is an unstoppable amalgamation of man and machine, he is Darth Vader. I wanted a Vader that looked like he was in the middle of battle, not battle-damaged however. I started with a Walgreens Vader and removed the lower body skirt, replacing it with a hero mashers Vader plastic one. I modded the Hero masher's Vader head and neck to work on the body and gave him a tattered cloak, weathering his lower half with dust and mud. Two 'force choke' style hands were added and his lightsaber resculpted along with adding a longer chain for the cloak and filling on joint holes. Now I finally had my definitive 6" Black Series custom Darth Vader to command the Imperial army

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