Custom MotUC Commander Clank original character creation!

"The mechanical maniac known as Commander Clank is a true terror on the battlefield! Created for all out war and commander of a vast robotic army, Clank was programmed with an eon's worth of battle strategies by the Battling Ancients. With twin cannons that launch powerful volleys and a hidden chest gun Commander Clank was ready to conquer the flesh-walkers of Eternia....that is until Mechanasis' power supplies were destroyed. Centuries later Hordak stumbled upon the lost city and powered Clank up gaining a new Commander for his forces of evil!"

Another one of my original character creations, Commander Clank explodes into your Masters of the Universe collection with twin cannons blasting! He was created from a Twistoid upper body, multi-bot lower half, Horde Trooper feet, a Skylanders head, and Rio-Blast armor/backpack. I modded the jaw to move and fashioned two large cannons that I think came from a Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End toy to the sliding posts. A magnetic chest-mounted Gatling gun attachment finishes the look of this battlefield bot along with a lot of metallic paint effects and weathering.

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