Custom MotUC Clawsome original character creation!

"The fierce warrior Clawsome has been searching the vast Eternian seas for more of his Karikoni kin ever since he was separated from their Island home. Enslaved by pirates at a young age, Clawsome grew stronger as he worked the docks loading and unloading their stolen goods. He was finally able to shear the chains that once held him captive using his massive right claw and took a smaller vessel to Eternia's mainland. Now Clawsome explores the world he never knew and searches for others like him."

Here's a custom Masters of the Universe Classics original character, Clawsome! This shellfish soldier was created using the new Superman Doomed dc multiverse body, modded Clawful head, small claw, back plate and legs, Flogg lower legs, and Toybiz Lady Deathstrike vintage claw accessory. Apoxie sculpted sections were added and Clawsome was given a head to toe airbrushed paint job.

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