Custom MotUC Cephalodious Lord of Limbs action figure!

"Yet another warrior from the Crystal Sea has emerged to claim rule over the land-dwellers, the mighty Cephalodious Lord of Limbs! Once upon the shores of Eternia Cephalodious quickly discovered there was already powerful factions waging war against each other, the Evil Skeletor battling the mighty He-Man. Would he choose a side to ally with? Or would he become yet another faction in the ongoing struggle for power in Eternia? Watching his rivals Mer-Man and Nautilor taking orders from their masters caused a swelling of disgust. His mind was made up. Cephalodious would battle not for power, but for honor alongside the heroic warriors of Eternia!"

Another custom character creation for the Masters of the Universe Classics collection, here's the mighty Cephalodious ready to lend a...tentacle in battle. He was created with the upper body of a NECA Spider Gremlin, Monster High lower body tentacles, DCU Nit-Lik modded head, and various MotUC and Skeleton Warriors armor sections. Special attention was paid to the fins and everything was airbrushed with multiple bright shades of color to make Cephalodious fit in with my other sea-based Masters of the Universe customs.

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