Custom Marvel Legends Wesley Snipes BLADE movie figure!

I will always consider the Blade Trilogy with Wesley Snipes as my "first MCU" movies. Like RDJ as Iron Man nobody else can play the part of Blade in my mind so here's my tribute to an amazing trilogy of vampire hunting amazement! This Movie Blade figure was created using the head/torso of the original ToyBiz Marvel Legends Blade. The coat and arms were from a ML Red Skull, tho you could use Gambit here as well and the legs are from the Spider-Man retro carded Hammerhead. The older suit body (old Hammerhead, JJJ, Klaw, etc) doesn't have the height or width to match the torso. I painted Blade with various sheens and shades of black like matte for the torso, semigloss for the coat, and glossy for the shoes/belt/glasses. A quick retooling of his weapons to look more like their movie counterparts and Blade was ready to stake some vamps!

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