Custom MotUC Blade-Bash figure, an original character creation!

"In the Game Master's Cosmic Arena an ongoing struggle for glory and freedom is fought and Blade-Bash exists to win! However he wasn't always a razor sharp opponent. Once a blacksmith on his home planet Blade-Bash was the best at creating and repairing the weapons of war yet never wielding his creations. One day that changed when his kingdom was invaded and he was forced to take up the very arms he created. Game Master was watching from afar and was impressed enough to capture Blade-Bash with his teleporter, adding him to the cosmic combatants. Armed with razor gauntlets and a spinning blade collar of his own design Blade-Bash keeps his opponents at a distance until he's ready to strike!"

Get ready for more Cosmic Combatants, Blade-Bash has arrived! Armed with a real metal spinning blade collar you'll be hard pressed to find a more fearsome figure. Blade-Bashw as created using a basic MotUC body, Flogg lower legs, Stratos harness, Dark Knight Returns head, metal blade-finger-spinner for the collar, and Skylanders fist weapons from some fighting penguin character. The neck had to be heavily modded and the shoulders lowered/shoulder balls modded to clear the collar. It spins perfectly and keeps the figure balanced with the gyroscopic motion!

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