Custom Battle Beasts Ferocious Tiger MotUC scale action figure!

"When the magic of Skeletor's Chaos Crystal crossed with Hordak's dimensional portal magic all sorts of rifts began opening across their two worlds and into others far away. One opened on Planet Beast and Ferocious Tiger was the first to investigate this swirling anomaly. Finding himself whisked away to Eternia the valiant beastformer scouted the immediate area and went back through, calling out to the Lion Family for aid. What Ferocious Tiger didn't know is that Beast-Man was watching everything and had plans of his steal Skeletor's Chaos Crystal and rule Planet Beast himself!"

Behold, the Battle Beasts have arrived! Straight from the diminutive toy line of the 80's comes a re-imagined versions of Ferocious Tiger in all his feline glory. Here I've recreated Ferocious Tiger in the Masters of the Universe Classics 7" scale using a Carnivous body, GotG BAF head, Realm of the Claw paws, Dragstor harness, Iron man lower legs, KO Hulkbuster lower arms, and various armor parts along with sculpted detail to complete his look. Terrax's axe became his dual spiked club and I added the missile launcher shoulder as well!

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