Custom Battle Beasts Triple Threat Snake figure, MotUC style!

"During the fight for Planet Beast many of the elemental Beastformers banded together to stave off the combined assault by Skeletor and Hordak. Some however took this opportunity to ally themselves with the invading forces, such was the decision of Triple Threat Snake! With the promise of replacing King Hiss as the leader of Hordak's Snakemen, Triple Threat Snake slithered at the chance to finally be the one in charge! With deadly axe-lance in mouth he took to the battlefield so he could easily take on three opponents at once, proving his worth!"

Straight from the diminutive toy line of the 80's comes a re-imagined version of the Battle Beast Triple Threat Snake that I've created in Masters of the Universe Classics 7" scale. Snake was created from a Clawful body, Rattlor legs, Ssssqueze arms, Serpentine King Hiss snake head/neck and two regular King Hiss snake heads for the jointed jaws. Saurod chest armor, Multi-bot waist, and lots of fodder armor from Gundam, Iron Man, Destiny, and other sources. Triple Threat Snake's axe-lance was made from combining Seventh Kingdom Elephant, Manga Spawn, and Grimlock weapons together.

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