Custom Battle Beasts MotUC scale ROCKY RHINO action figure

"Rocky Rhino never took kindly to intruders and when Skeletor showed up with an army of flying mechanical minions he was seeing red. Bashing his way through the swarm with his mace-fist or impaling them on his horns, those robots didn't stand a chance! Arriving at the source Rocky stared up at the dimensional rift in amazement. He would try and hold back the invasion force for the sake of Planet Beast....or die trying. Suddenly there was a roar, a thundering, and from behind him more Battle Beasts arrived to lend a hand, a fin, and a paw!"

It's time once again for a helping of Battle Beast, that diminutive toy line of the 80's that I've re-imagined in MotUC scale. This week I created the rough n tumble Rocky Rhino using a Callix body, General Sundar upper armor, modded TMTN Rocksteady head, Aves Apoxie Sculpt body detail, fodder robot bits for arms/lower legs, Neca Gears Of War monster feet/hands and a Black Manta weapon modded into the axe like the vintage character had. His mace-fist can be removed and a normal hand attached as well. Rocky Rhino scales with the 7" MotUC figures and my previous Ferocious Tiger and Triple Threat Snake Battle Beasts customs.

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