Custom MotUC Baron Frostbone original character action figure

"Before he became Baron Frostbone he was Virkon, leader of the Northmen clan, a wise and powerful warrior. Then the winter came, an unending cold that froze the very souls of men. In search of refuge the Northmen traveled into the mountain. But the cold found them and threatened to wipe out every man woman and child. Virkon made and deal with the Winter Spirits that if they would spare his clan he would do their bidding for a thousand years. Now transformed into Baron Frostbone, this once proud warrior stalks the frozen Eternian tundra in search of souls to freeze!"

Here's another original character creation for your Masters of the Universe Classics collection, the fearsome Baron Frostbone! He was created using an Icer body, Scareglow cast head, Skeleton warriors hands, Calix armor/lower arms/legs, King Chooba loincloth, and a Magic the gathering character's fur cloak. Various icy effects were applied for a fearsome frosted look.

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