MotUC Antrocious custom action figure

"Creepy and crawly doesn't begin to describe Antrocious. Hordak locked him away in the deepest darkest dungeon of the Fright Zone but Antrocious still managed to burrow his way out and cause havoc! His destructive claws are matched only by his equally destructive appetite with the insane insectoid warrior munching on everything from other prisoners to Horde Troopers. The best Hordak can hope for is to turn Antrocious loose, point him towards the enemy, then fall back quickly!"

Here's another original character creation for the Masters of the Universe Classics line, the fearsome Antrocious! He was created using a Leech body, Thor Ragnarok Mystery mini chase Miek head, fodder claws from an evil TMNT Donatello arm guards, and Flogg feet. Magnetic back pincers, Darkseid shoulder pads, and manacles were added to complete Antrocious' look.

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