Custom Micronauts ACROYEAR action figure in Marvel Legends style!

The diminutive but powerful Micronauts are back and as promised I have another custom, the mighty Acroyear! If you remember I created Membros and Time Traveler before. Well Acroyear is scaled to be a 'BAF' of sorts to this line. Standing 8" tall the Acroyear was created from a warlock series Colossus, Armored Core robot lower legs, sculpted chest/shoulders, Kryptonian armor Superman head, Energon Shockblast cannon part for antenna, Titans Return Transformers Laser Prime Sword, Beetle backpack and House of M Wolverine flight backpack fans. A vintage paint job was applied with plenty of metallic gloss effects, and shading to really make the detail pop on this classic Micronauts character!

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