Custom Marvel vs Capcom 2 ABYSS boss action figure!

"Ahahahahaahhahah...hahahaahahahahah! ZING ZING ZING ZING hahahahahhaha!" Yep that's the sound of the marvel vs Capcom 2 end boss Abyss after you beat the armored stage 1 version. He then becomes this annoying slime-laser guy that laughs at you. Here I've created a Marvel Legends style Abyss for your Marvel vs Capcom collection using an Iceman body, Green Lantern movie accessory for an upgraded cannon, green skull from Dormammu BAF, and beam fodder. It took a LOT of layers of epoxy to create his lower form. and body details. Clear green was applied and then airbrushed highlights of opaque glossy lime green were added to complete his look! A multi-beam-attack accessory can be attached to his back and his main cannon beam inside his arm.

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