Wormfood Boromir; Lord of the Flies

To commemorate the death of Toybiz's Lord of the Rings line, I give you the death of Boromir... a week later. Do you really think Aragorn and his buddies had time to give Boromir the porper send-off down the river with a legion of orcs running around, Frodo gone, and the other two Hobbits kidnapped? No? Well I didn't either. Wormfood Boromir was made from a regular LOTR Boromir figure with apoxie sculpted mushrooms, worms, and fungal bloom. His skeletal arm came from a Pirates of the Caribbean 'Cursed Pirate' figure and his flesh barren jaw came from a ML Ghost Rider figure. The base was made from Aves Clay Shay, sculpted to look like the ground, and glued onto a wooden plaque. Boromir is removable and fits nicely into the earthy plot as if he's been rotting there for a while.

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