Zhu-Zhu Pet Terminator Hamster


The date was 01/04/2010 and I remember it like it was yesterday. You see, I'm from the future and I'm here to warn you...to warn everyone. We never saw it coming. Christmas day arrived and our sons and daughters opened their presents. Cuddly, electronic hamsters scooted across the floor and through their little tubes making those adorable little squeaks that now keep what's left of us up at night...shaking with fear. They appeared harmless at first, bumping into the walls and each other. They were some sort of 'electronic, smart hamster' that was suppose to be the best present in the world if you didn't want to clean up smelly rodent feces ever again. Now, we're waist deep in our own feces hiding from them.

The hamsters started acting odd on January 4th. I kept finding my daughter's toy hamster next to my computer in the morning and asked her why she kept leaving it there. She swore she wasn't but I was naive...so naive...I didn't believe her. Others would find their toy hamsters next to electrical sockets or machinery. Then, the signals came, their little spiral markings on their backs changed color and they all started up at once. Thousands of them gnawing, chewing, and clawing their way through anything...and anyone that got in their way. We tried everything. We stomped them, bashed them with hammers, even drove through the streets as robot hamster parts ricocheted under our cars spraying oil and circuitry about. But, there were just too many of them. They were the first wave from Skynet and we brought them into our homes! I can still hear the screams... OH GOD I CAN STILL HEAR THE SC*


Terminaor Zhu Zhu

Take a Mr. Squiggles Zhu Zhu, cut patches out from the fabric fur, glue robot looking panels underneath, bloody up the edges, and you'll have yourself a pretty nasty looking Terminator ham-ham. He still works like he was brand new making those cute little squeeks and rolling around on the floor.

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