Custom Marvel Legends scale Zero action figure from Megaman X

Here's Zero as I envision him as if he would appear in the Marvel Comics, second in my line of custom Megaman alternate-reality figures. He was made with the same base as Megaman was, an Armored Avengers Titanium Man for the body and DC Direct Flashpoint Cyborg arms/legs. I altered his look a bit like giving him smooth kneecaps, shoulderpads, a solid chest, and Megabuster tweaks to keep him from looking exactly the same as MM's base.

A FF Play Arts Kadaj head was used as the base for custom sculpted helmet. SOTA Blanka hair was hollowed and folded, then given a double ball joint so you can pose it any way you want. I went with clear orange hair instead of his regular blonde because it looked so awesome up close and this is an 'alternate Marvel reality' Zero. Zero also sports a blue energy beam and of course his signature sword. Megaman's blasts also attach on to his megabuster via a powerful magnet.

Megaman Zero Custom Figure

Custom Megaman

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