Custom Zero from Megaman-X: GI Joe Alterverse

"Where one hero exists others will follow, Zero being no exception. Arriving from his reality to reunite with X, Zero found himself hip deep in Cobra and Wily's troops. They were waiting for him to arrive but what they weren't expecting was the incredible power and speed that Zero possessed. With a blade that can shear through steel and stone he escaped the trap and found his way to the Joe headquarters. Now it was time to regroup with X and stop Wily once and for all!"

This figure was made from:

Body/lower legs: Accelerator Suit Snails
Upper legs: Hard Master
Helmet: Kamen Rider Knight
Kneepads: RoTF Transformers Scalpel legs
Chestplate: Zartan
Shoulder pads: Kamen Rider Torque
Ponytail: LCBH Ripclaw
Sword: Various fodder parts


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