Yoshii Tanaka, Leader of the Tanaka Ninja Clan

"The Tanaka Ninja Clan has existed in secret for hundreds of years dating back all the way back to feudal Japan. There a disciple of the Arashikage ninja clan, Yoshii Tanaka, rebelled against the Lighting Master and lost his left eye. Exiled from the clan, Yoshii vowed to form his own clan and take revenge upon each generation of Arashikage until the secrets of lighting were his to control. Since then the Tanaka Ninja clan has existed to train assassins and study the elemental lost arts."

This figure was made from:

Head: Resolute cobra trooper
Body/BP: 2-pack Storm Shadow with Tunnel Rat
Legs: Cobra Ninja
Upper arms: Zartan
Lower arms: Star Wars 2-pack Tol Skorr
Pauldrons: Kamen Rider Crab-guy
Skirt: Clone Wars Anikin

Yoshii Tanaka

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