Custom Xorn 'monk style' Marvel Legends

After snagging the Hasbro Xorn figure I dug into the character's background because I wanted to know more him. A little searching came up with a ton of confusing storylines (really, he's Magneto one moment, then not the next, then he has a twin brother, really Morrison...) but one thing really stood out for me... the image of Xorn in his white, Chinese monk outfit meditating. Now that was a Xorn I had to make! For his body I used a SOTA Gen, sanding down the clasps on the side and making new ones, including a seam line down the middle. I used Prof X hands, dremelled down the extra Gen head and affixed it under the Xorn mask. The little clasps are cut sections of wire glued on.

Then someone on the boards suggested a maskless Xorn where his head is glowing blue energy. Brillaint! I acetoned down a ML Iceman head and hands, coating them in clear blue and making them removable with the masked head and human hands. I painted him white, added light blue shading, gold trimmed the clasps, and repainted his mask to match the way it appears as weathered iron in the comics at times. Add a repainted Mandrin flame accessory and my 'not-so-Magneto' Xorn was done!