Custom Marvel Legends Xarus action figure for Marvel

My mission: create an articulated custom of Xarus, son of Dracula figure for Marvel Comic's "What The?!" X-men vs Vampires Youtube special. My timeframe: 2 days. Woah! My good friend at Marvel Jesse Falcon and his partner Alex Kropinak needed that custom for their stop-motion skit in a hurry alright. Xarus was quickly constructed from the head of the 2-pack Human Torch, Dr Strange upper body, Hobgoblin lower arms/hands, Xorn's lower body, and movie Mr Fantastic's boots. I had to hacksaw the waists and combine which took a little fiddling. Then I sculpted the neck collar, seams, ears, and tiny fangs from Aves Studios Apoxie Sculpt. His yellow/gold strap-collar was made from craft foam with carefully glued on metallic gold craft lace. The lower coattails were constructed from clear couch cover vinyl and more of the lace. He's still nice and articulated, Jesse and Alex did an awesome job with him in their video
so check it out! Thanks guys, it was an honor.

Xarus Custom

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