MotUC Wreckloose, original custom character creation!

"Larger than most Arachna of his kind, Wreckloose spent most of his time battling the other inhabitants of the Underground using his advanced eyesight to spot his prey from very long distances. He was soon imprisoned by the Aracnha king for his uncontrollable rage after battle even with those of his own clan. It was only by the combined efforts of Skeletor and his henchmen that Wreckloose was freed and after striking a deal with Skeletor this eight-legged terror was ready to take out his rage on Eternia's champion, He-Man!"

Keeping with the spider theme this original character custom creation was made from a Harry Potter Aragon spider body, Zodak upper body, Webstor head, McFarlane Horrid hands, and various fodder parts. I added chains and a modified breastplate from a snake-crush Skeletor from the 200x line to complete Wreckloose's look.

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