Custom Wreckage Transformers Movie Figure Repaint

This is a departure from the normal movie-accurate repaints I do, heading off into a whole new paint-scheme and design for the Decepticon character Wreckage. After browsing the Allspark boards I saw Wreckage referred to as a 'ninja' a few times. Hmmmm... he did have a sleeker look and those swords. Perfect time for a repaint! I went with a Swat-ish paint scheme for the vehicle mode, all black with white lettering and gray highlights. Transform him however and you have a ninja paint scheme that I based off of various designs on the web including the Samurai Showdown Hanzo character. All his colors are Testors acrylic paint except for the Tamiyia clear yellow I applied over the silver to make the gold. His vehicle shell was painted with Dragon black, wheels with flat back, then given a drybrush for highlights with Gunship Gray. The same Gunship Gray was used for the main robot body parts with a black inking/wash, armored steel for the silver, then some armored steel sections painted with clear yellow to make the gold. I added little red sections to the inner beams that attached the vehicle shell to him and other various details, also giving him a little 10 kanji on the breastplate (just like Akuma's) Enjoy!