Red Lantern Wrathael Custom

"Wrathael was chosen to become a Red Lantern for displaying the most rage out of his entire species, the Dolurian Marrowers. For centuries his kind was brutally hunted for their pelts and teeth by poachers around the galaxy. Wrathael now preys on those who once hunted him after receiving his red Power Ring, crushing his victim's bones to devour their marrow with his worm-like tongue."

Wrathael was made from the body of DCU Skallox, feet from Medphyll, mouth from a Generator Rex critter, mane from a SOTA Toys Werewolf, claws from a Ben 10 ghost-thing, worm tongue from an old toybiz Venom Phage figure, and swirly blood from an NECA Rhaziel accessory. Whew! He's angry, furry, and full of teeth. Oh, and the tail from a TMNT mutant future Donatello!

Red Lantern Action Figure

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