Blood-splattered Beserker Wolverine with Steel Claws and alt head

Oh man, every villian is about to soil themselves upon seeing Wolverine like this! It's literally the worst point in a villian's career, staring down the X-man after he has disposed of ever one of your henchmen and is in a blood-soaked beserker rage. This Wolvie was made from the Target exclusive Red-Hulk-wave and has the 2-pack Forge/Wolvie's head for his beserk mode. He uses the new sail-needle steel claws I'm now using that are curved at the tip and widened with a mirror finish. Well they had a mirror finish but this Wolverine has been detailed in his beserker mode, covered with blood and with a wild look in his eye! He can be displayed in either the masked or unmasked beserker head for maximum shock to the senses.

Beserker Wolverine

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